FREE ONLINE EXAMS for Educational Institutions

  • Unique dashboard for Teachers & Students 
  • User friendly interface to create & conduct unlimited online exams
  • Customizable Test settings (Exam Date & Time, Duration, Pass %, Parts)
  • Variety of techniques to create Exam Paper (Multiple Choice, True or False, Descriptive Answers)
  • Real time paper correction like simulation for Teachers while evaluating answer sheets
  • Automatic grading of exam results
  • Conduct unlimited On Demand Classes
  • Third party tool integration to conduct Live Video Sessions

Product Offerings


Ultimate Employee Training Platforms

  • Enhance learning experience within your organization
  • Balance your Work & Classroom training together without affecting productivity
  • Minimize your training costs
  • Replace Physical Training with Virtual Training reducing Logistics and Travel Cost

Ultimate Academic Platform

  • Enhanced learning experience for Schools & Colleges
  • Use our Remote learning capabilities
  • Conduct unlimited Exams
  • Continously evaluate learning effectiveness
  • Generate NAAC IQAC & other performance reports

Large Scale Implementation for Government Institutions

  • Best suited for cost effective large scale implementation of Continous Learning & Performance Management 
  • Government / Government Aided Schools & Colleges
  • Government Departments & Offices

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Course Offerings

Web Based Trainings - WBT

Create on demand courses that can be accessed any time, any where by authorized students.

Smart Class Trainings - SCT

Interactive instructor led sessions that helps students to clarify their doubts instantly.

On Line Exams - OLE

Create and conduct unlimited / customizable online exams

Objective & Descriptive

  • The best thing about the Connectutor is the cross-culture interaction between students from various parts of the world. Great experience from them. You get a lot of opportunities. Work hard to get it. Be prepared for everything


  • You guys rocked!! I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good jobs.

    - Deepak Bawun G

  • Connectutor has been a great contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management and team skills and have also been able to advance these skills to the whole new augment level.

    - Kumar Raja M

Product Features & Capabilities

  • User Roles

    Create unique user roles to effectively manage your LMS.

    Admin - Super User who controls everything.

    Reviewers – Manage Departments, Contributors, Classes, Learners & Learning programs.

    Contributors – Create Learning Content and engage with Students assigned to their Classrooms.

    Students – Align, Collaborate & Respond to the instructions given by the Contributor.

  • Department & Course Administration

    Define your Learning Structure.

    Map your Department wise unique Program Offerings.

  • Teacher & Student Administration

    Register Teachers & Students

    Create a unique Login ID & User Profile for every user

    Map Teachers & Students to Programs.

  • Classroom Administration

    Define your Class Structure

    Create identical instances of Classes for Programs Offered

    Map your Programs with Class Rooms

    Assign Subjects, Contributors & Students to every Classroom instance.

  • Elearning Programs - Web Based Trainings

    Create on demand courses that can be accessed any time, any where by authorized students.

  • Elearning Programs - Smart Class Trainings

    Interactive instructor led sessions that helps students to clarify their doubts instantly.

  • Grading & Certifications

    Online instant evaluation & assessment

    Assignment Announcement & Submission

    Evaluate and issue program completion certificates.

  • Performance Management

    Track and analyze the performance of each and every learning activity by Departments, Programs, Teachers, Classes & Students

    Gain deep insight into effectiveness of training with our advanced reporting tool

    Download reports into excel, CSV and/or PDF files.

  • Interactive Forums

    Focus Groups / Chatrooms for Students to Collaborate within themselves & Teacher.

  • Organizational Announcement

    Effectively communicate Organizational announcements

    Conduct events and register online

  • Enterprise Scale Up

    Host all your clients / divisions within your organization under a single instance of your LMS.

  • Ecommerce

    Create avenues for additional income by sharing your knowledge outside your organization.

    eCommerce & Payment Gateway Integration.

  • Custom Branding

    Custom create your Organization’s webpage and brand it with your own logo.

    Create a familiar, learner-centric experience for your Organization.

how are we unique

  • We create UNIQUE WHITE LABEL Continous Learning & Performance Management Solutions for every Institution
  • Our Web Based ADMIN PORTAL makes it easy for Institutions to effectively manage their Users, Programs, Exams, Courses & Reports
  • We offer a VARIETY OF LEARNING METHODS under one platform
  • We give a COMPETITIVE EDGE to our partners who strive for educational excellence
  • Our platform connects TEACHERS, STUDENTS & ALUMNUS across the globe

We Are Connectutor

We create unique white label LMS for every Institution. Keep learning you can achieve anything!.

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